Egypt Visa
Egypt Visa
Egypt Visa

Egypt Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi

Visa Processing Fee BDT 10500/-

Basic Documents:

  1. Seven (07) Months Valid Passport with Old Passport if have.
  2. Visiting Card.
  3. Recent Two (02) Copy Photo, Background White, Passport Size.
  4. Bank Statement last six months with bank solvency certificate (Minimum balance BDT 60,000 for each applicant).

For Business Person:

  1. Renewal Trade license copy with notary public (English Translated).
  2. Memorandum for Limited Company.
  3. The blank page of office pad.

For Job Holder:

  1. Visiting Card.

For Student:

  1. Student ID card Photo Copy.
  2. Birth Certificate ( Only for Child & infant).


  1. Marriage Certificate Copy (For family application only).

Note for Egypt Visa:

  • Visa Processing Fee Non-refundable.
  • The Visa rate can be changed without prior notice.
  • Visa issuance rights are reserved by the Embassy.

: Regarding Visa Requirements & Application Process :

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