Indigo Airlines Date Change

Indigo Airlines Date Change


Indigo Airlines Ticket Date Change

Indigo Airlines Ticket Date Change.Having thoughts about making the changes to your ticket? Good thoughts. The airline gives you the leverage to cause any change in your ticket to make the trip memorable. Go through the following points to learn about the changes in detail.

* Indigo Airlines flight change policy gives you the leverage to change your tickets for free. The changes must be done within 24 hours and at least 7 days before the departure date.

still, you would have to bear a small Indigo Airlines change booking charges, * If you miss out on the free change window. You can only make one free change per ticket, if the changes are made for the alternate time, a figure shall apply.

* In the case of group bookings, you need to separate the individual ticket to make any changes to it. You can also reach out for Traveltek BD for help.You can email call or whatsapp +8801401791717

* If you have involved any third party while reserving the tickets, you can only make the changes via the agents. The airline shall not allow you to change it online.

* Indigo Airlines flight change can be done in a myriad of ways. The change has to be done via the point of purchase for a smooth process.

Indigo Airlines Flight Change Policy: Overall Changes

* Indigo Airlines change flight date can be done at your desire. still, if the airline has delivered you with a complimentary class upgrade in the former flight, you might lose it with the change.

* Name changes aren’t permitted in Indigo Airlines. Meaning, the passengers can not transfer their tickets and vend them online. In case of any typing error, you can reach out for help.

* The airline would not make any name change until you send a snap of your Passport with the correct name. The details would be checked for any changes even while typing error.

* You can reserve your seat in advance while taking a flight with IndigoAirlines. However, you can communicate the ground staff regarding your asked seat, If you don’t wish to make the seat bookings in advance.

* Destination change is rather hard but if the need is, the airline makes an exception and allows the passenger to make the changes. You must carry proper documents to support the cause.

* 24 hours free change policy gives the liberty of making the changes for free within the given time- frame. Failure of the span even by an hour would impose extra charges on you.

Indigo Airlines Change reserving Charges

Although the airline provides a lot of perks, the passengers have to pay a charge if they miss out on the free change window. The change charge varies with certain conditions, make sure to run through these points and have detailed knowledge about the charges.

still, they would have to pay 2500 INR to make any changes, * If the passengers are making any changes to their tickets before 4 days from the departure date.

still, a small charge of 4000 would be levied on them, * If the passengers are making the changes from 0 to 3 days from the departure date.

* The change charge has to be paid along with the flight differencefee.However, the passengers would have to pay the remaining for making the change, If the previous flight was cheaper than the new flight.

* The airline has imposed a larger change charge for international flights rather than domestic flights. The payment can be made after the changes have been done.

* The change charge mostly depends on the destination, class and trip insurance of the passengers. In some cases, the passengers would have to pay a charge of 1000 INR even if they’re making the changes within 24 hours.

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